January 31, 2010


The newest Apple innovation is the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad is essentially a larger version of the Apple iPhone. This device has all the capabilities of an iPhone (except without the phone feature) including WiFi and 3G high speed internet connection, app store, and the iPod function. Editors from Gizmodo (the best technology blog behind this one) says that the iPad will has a touch screen keyboard that is better that the iPhone's but not better that a laptop's keyboard so for those future users that will use the iPad for work, you can connect a Mac keyboard to the bottom of it and it also stands it up and it looks like a mini iMac configuration. There are 6 different iPad models including 3 with only WiFi and 3 with WiFi and 3G ranging in different sizes (16GB, 32GB, and 64GB). The cheapest model cost $499 USD (WiFi only/16GB)  and the most expensive model cost $829 USD (WiFi and 3G/32GB). Click here to see all the models of the iPad.