July 24, 2010

Nintendo 3DS

The Japanese company that had originally made playing cards has made the worlds first no-glasses 3D gaming system and if you are still wondering, this company is the infamous Nintendo. Nintendo has recently put a lot of time developing and improving the DS (FYI that stands for Developers' System officially but most commonly used as Dual Screen) series of portable gaming system. It started out with the original DS, then the DS lite, after that the DSi then the DSiXL, and finally now the 3DS.
The 3DS system has a wide screen 3D screen on the top and a normal DS touchscreen on the bottom. The 3DS system is based on the Nintendo DSi system but with a few new features. The 3DS has the capability of playing 3D games, a switch on the side of the unit to control the intensity of the 3D on the screen for the people who are not use to 3D, and (in my opinion) the coolest part of it all, you are able to take and view your own 3D videos and pictures! The 3DS can have 3D without the bulky glasses because it uses two LCD screens stacked on top of each other to direct different light in to each eye. You won't see this technology at your local theatre though because you have to be in the centre for the light to be properly directed into each to create the 3D effect.