April 8, 2012

Google Glasses, The future?

Imagine using your computer without your hands. Well, now it's possible (kinda) with the announcement of Google Glasses.

This will allow you to have access to messaging, voice chat, cameras, web browsing and more.
But is this really feasible?
There are many conditions in which they could not be, and many conditions in which they could.


  • Hands-free communication (to bypass those state & provincial laws)
  • Doesn't intrude too much into your daily life 
  • Fashion statement (maybe)
  • Helps challenged people
  • Gives fast access to important news
  • Maps on-the-fly


  • Battery life?
  • Needs data to work
  • Privacy concerns?
  • What about people who wear glasses / sunglasses?
  • Is this more distracting than using cellphones?
  • Potential Advertising?


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