April 1, 2012

Google just loves April 1st

So if you have read Spike's article on Google's April Fools pranks, here is another one that was released on Google+.
 This picture changes Think with Google's GO MO (Go Mobile) into GO RO (Go Rotary). Now web designers all over the world have to redesign their sites for the DOZENS of people who still use Rotary. :D

Google has amazingly made some of their April Fools pranks into reality like 3D Youtube which was only a prank a few years ago or 3D street view which was also only an April Fools prank. I am almost 100% sure that this will not become true but Google would be the company that would do this.

Also, anyone else notice the theme of this years pranks? They're all throwbacks to classic technology. Morse Code, NES, Rotary Phones... What next Google?!

and Happy April Fools Everyone!!