April 2, 2012

New PC? Must-Have Programs Here

There is this wonderful website called Ninite. It is very useful for new computers because it lets you get one installer package for all the programs you would want! A few clicks and it will work automatically to download the programs you want and install them.

You can click here to personalize your package but if you are lazy...

Click Here to download the programs I use for my computer.

My package includes:

Audacity (A free sound recorder/editor)
Avast! (The best free antivirus software on the market)
Google Chrome (The best web browser)
Microsoft Security Essentials (Free antivirus from Microsoft - I recommend parallel use with Avast!)
GIMP (Best free raster program - Similar to Photoshop)
Adobe Reader (Opens PDF files)
Revo Uninstaller (Strong Uninstaller program)
VLC (Free video player that plays almost any file format)
WinRAR (A compressor and decompressor)

NOTE: As Spike has brought up to my attention... You should also download Smart Defrag (a really good
defragmenter) and CCleaner (A powerful computer clean-up program).

Many of the above programs are winners of their category in the Best of the Best series (Click for reviews of those programs).