April 11, 2012

Think your Mac is immune? NOPE!!!

Well as you have probably heard by now, the Flashback virus, a strong botnet, that has infected 600,000 Macs have proven that Macs are not immune to viruses. Apple is now developing software to find and remove the Flashback virus said the company on their support page.
The Flashback virus infect's its victims through a Java security flaw and Apple released a Java update on April 3rd that fixes the flaw on the Macs but the infected Macs will still have to wait for the removal program. This virus was originally discovered by Russian security firm, Dr. Web. An odd turn in this story is that Apple has asked Dr. Web's domain registrar to shut down one of its domains. The head of the Russian firm, Boris Sharov, told Forbes, "This seems to mean that Apple is not considering our work as a help. It's just annoying them," he said. This is why I just stick with Windows 7 and avast!