May 7, 2012

Corsair introduces its own fan line up

Corsair, who has been designing and supplying high performance parts to the PC community recently announced their addition of the Air Series line up of PC cooling fans. Corsair, unlike other computer fan manufacturers offers many variations from high airflow to static pressure models of fans. Corsair has designed their Air Series fans to provide a balance between power and noise, while offering superior Corsair reliability, to users who plan to increase the performance of their current fans or add additional fans to their system. All Air Series fans feature an advanced hydraulic bearing system and rubber mounts for reliability and low-noise. The fans include three colours of rings (red, white, blue) to allow users to change the look of the fans to match their case.
Property of Corsair
Property of Corsair

High Airflow fans for superior cooling
The Air Series AF120 and AF140 airflow fans are designed for intake and exhaust of hot air out of modern PC cases. They are most suitable for use for mounting on the front, side, rear, and top of the cases, to reduce heat. The airflow fans are designed with ultra-thin, custom molded blades to move high volumes of air in or out of unrestricted spaces with at least 3mm cm of clearance. These fans are available in a 140mm Quiet edition and in a 120mm Quiet and Performance editions.

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Property of Corsair
High Static Pressure Fans for efficient cooling on radiators or heatsinks
The Air Series SP120 airflow fans are designed  to deliver focused air pressure in situations where air needs to be pushed through a restricted space such as radiators or heatsinks. These fans are also designed with ultra thin custom molded blades similar to the AF series of fans but only come in 120mm Quiet and Performance Editions.

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Pricing and Availability
Air series fans retail at $16.99 CAD for AF120/SP120 and $18.99 CAD for AF140 fans.

Right now, these fans are in very VERY high demand so many retailers are backordered.

For more information about Corsair's fans visit their blog : here

Source : TechPowerUp!

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