June 4, 2012

EA/DICE Releases Battlefield 3 Premium & Close Quarters DLC

Today, EA/DICE announced the Close Quarters DLC and Battlefield 3 Premium DLC.

Close Quarters

First off, we'll talk about the new Close Quarters DLC (DownLoadable content). This is announced for June 2012 (this month). With Close Quarters, DICE is releasing smaller maps, with closer combat situations (as identified by the name), and fast-paced action!

This features CoD-sized maps, prefect for previous CoD members to transition to the new Battlefield environment. Due to the new destruction engine, this allows for minuscule destruction (of furniture, handrails, etc.) as well as large-scale destruction as well!

More information is available here!

Battlefield 3 Premium

Battlefield 3 Premium allows you to have access to many services and features before other users. They include:

  • Videos (to help you improve!)
  • In-game content (ACB-90 knife, camos)
  • Reset Stats (KDR, etc.)
  • Double XP Events
  • Dog-tags
  • Strategy Guides
  • Queue Priority (for servers!)
  • Assignments
  • Decals/Designs for Battlelog, and platoons!
For $49.99, it also includes ALL of the DLCs, with 2 week early access! They are:
  • Back to Karkand (Released)
  • Close Quarters (June 2012)
  • Armoured Kill (September 2012)
  • Aftermath (Q4 2012)
  • End Game (2013)
More info here!