July 26, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Now Available!

OS X Mountain Lion is the latest OS for Macs and is available for download from the App Store, for $19.99 provided you have Lion or Snow Leopard, at least 2GB of RAM, and 8GB of hard drive space.
If you bought a Mac after June 11, 2012, this is provided free-of-charge to you.

Mountain Lion includes over 200 features, with these being the "main" ones:

  • iCloud, cloud-based storage
  • iMessages, allows you to communicate with "i" devices.
  • Notification Centre, streamlines notifications
  • Sharing, only a few clicks to log-in
  • Facebook integration, to allow you to post faster!
  • Dictation, talking instead of typing
  • AirPlay Mirroring, allows you to send video to your Apple TV, or audio
  • Game Centre, play multiplayer games with friends on any Apple platform
  • Gatekeeper, download apps safely
  • Power Nap, update feeds when off (Intel Smart Connect).
  • Faster Safari Browser
  • Many features for Chinese Macs
Source: Apple