September 19, 2012

Deal of the Day: September 19, 2012: Radeon HD 7750, GeForce GTX 550ti!

As NVIDIA has now discontinued their GTX 500 series of GPUs in favour of its newer GTX 600 line, price drops are coming to all of the GTX 500 series products.

On sale for a while at NCIX is the GTX 550ti (EVGA FPB), for $84.99 after a $15 MIR.

A direct competitor from AMD, the ASUS HD 7750 is also retailing at that exact same price, after a $10 MIR. The HD 7750 offers similar performance to the GTX 550ti at a much reduced power consumption. It uses up to 55w, so for people upgrading a pre-built system (from Dell, HP, etc.) who do not have a 6-pin power connector, or who are skeptical about their PSU's performance, the HD 7750 does not require a supplementary power connector, unlike the GTX 550ti. Power draw is also capped at 55W, compared to about 135W max for the 550ti.

Meanwhile,  AMD has recently cut prices for the majority of its HD 7000 series GPUs. Prices can be much lower at retail, the HD 7970 is going as low as $369.99, and that's for a XFX HD 7970 Double Dissipation.

The GTX 560 is going for as low as $130, 560ti for $170, and 570 for $200, with the GTX 580 all but gone...