September 11, 2012

GAME REVIEW : Battlefield 3

Even after all our posts concerning this game, I've noticed that we still haven't written a game review about Battlefield 3 - so here's this joint review from FellowYellow and Spike.

Battlefield 3 is an immersive, life-like shooter-simulator brought to you by the same creators of the Medal of Honor series, DICE.  In this edition of Battlefield, they improve the previous version by utilizing their newest game engine - Frostbite 2.  Aside from the physics and graphics, they’ve enhanced the sound, micro destruction, vehicle variety and weapon attachments.

High Five!
As far as destruction goes, not all buildings will be majorly affected by this. If you’re a Bad Company 2 veteran, you probably remember how most buildings would fall down after taking enough damage. However, that isn’t present in this game. But - with Frostbite 2, there is the new “micro-destruction”, which allows for destruction on a smaller scale. Smaller objects, like handrails and concrete blockades, can be chipped and/or destroyed by bullets. This is more apparent on maps in the Close Quarters DLC.

Only in Battlefield 3.
If you have the “Back to Karkand” DLC or Battlefield Premium, you will have access to the “Enhanced Destruction” the DLC provides. This DLC has vehicles and maps from Battlefield 2, reimagined in Battlefield 3, with Frostbite 2 for all the veterans.

In Battlefield 3, there are many aircraft for the player to use and fly. There are a total of 4 helicopters, comprised of 2 transports and 2 attack helis, while there are 4 fixed-wing aircraft (jets). These are made up of 2 fighter jets, and 2 attack jets.

Fighter jets are more effective against other aircraft, and against vehicles with the use of rocket pods. However, attack jets are effective against vehicles using its 20mm cannon, but are slower and less maneuverable than the fighter jets. Fighter jets are present in Conquest, while attack jets are present in Rush.

A-10 Thunderbolt in action.
In the air, you can assist your ground troops with close air support with a variation of jets and helicopters, including Apaches, Migs, Super Hornets,  A-10 thunderbolts, Sukhoi Su-35s and F-35s just to name a few.

In the campaign, on one mission, you were the weapons specialist on a jet. That one was a tandem jet, and we were a bit disappointed not to see a tandem (2 person) jet in the multiplayer, but is set to come with the Armored Kill DLC. We also wished there was a way to fly in the campaign, as no one likes seeing teammates continuously crash their aircraft while trying to learn to fly.

On the ground, you can hop into a jeep, humvee, mobile Anti-Aircraft, tank, or Infantry Fighting Vehicles. Some of these vehicles can enter the water, to be used as amphibious warfare.

Pictured above: Awesomeness.
On Battlefield 3, you’ll realize that there are small maps and large ones, all of which are multiple times larger than those of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3. On the smaller maps, you’ll see 64 players in a ongoing firefight filled with suppression. On the larger ones, like Caspian Border, you’ll see jets and helicopters flying overhead, while tanks and jeeps roam the battlefield.

Weapon attachments don’t just improve the weapon - they also have a flashy effect. Literally. With the tactical light, you can blind other players, while being able to see darker areas. Using the laser sight, you can also blind players (although not as much, with a red light), while making your gun more accurate when hip-firing. Lastly, the bipod can be mounted on a surface when suitable and reduces recoil and spread dramatically, helping you get your shots at the enemy faster. 

Use this to increase accuracy.
However, when you compare the campaign with MW3’s, you will find Battlefield 3 lacks the creativity and length, not to mention the frame rates the MW series provides.  Don’t be too
disappointed though because the gameplay in campaign is quite a bit more realistic, and you find yourself caught in a war against terrorism, not just russians (unlike..everything else).  There is also more user interaction, with both the environment and select enemies.  For example, in some missions you get into fist fights with enemy soldiers, or climb a fire escape to enter an enemy building.  Overall, the single player experience was satisfying, and is definitely worth playing.  The only issue was that the story turned out to be a bit disappointing, but that was just our opinion.

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