September 12, 2012

Green House Announces Android-compatible Card Reader

A Japanese company named Green House recently announced a unique multi-format card reader that is meant for use with tablets, smartphones, and PCs (probably), supporting the Android OS. The GH-CRAD-SUAK from Green House is a light weight device with a micro-USB 2.0 plug (you will need a micro-USB to standard USB to use it with a PC) and supports standard SD to micro SD cards. It also features another micro-USB port so you don't lose the functionality of the one its plugged into.There is also a full sized USB 2.0 port for any full sized USB devices you may want to use such as a keyboard or mouse. The GH-CRAD-SUAK measures 61.2 x 10.6 x 19.7 mm  so it wont be that much larger than your smartphone and weighs in at 9.5 grams, which is quite light. The device is to be launched late-September  and is expected to be priced at a hefty 2 480 JPY (CAD $31)

Martin Tam is an editor and the Director of Video Production at [blank]’s Universe. He is also a technology enthusiast that particularly enjoys computers and photography. He enjoys breaking things and sleeping in his spare time.