September 11, 2012

Intel Developer Forum: Day One

Today was the first day of the Intel Developer Forum 2012, a yearly event where Intel announces its latest products (and future ones). They demonstrated newer Windows 8 tablets, powered by the Atom Clover Trail platform. In this case, it was the ASUS Vivo Tab.

We also have tablets powered by the Core i5 processor - on the Ivy Bridge architecture.

Moving on to Intel's Haswell architecture, we now know it will have about 2.5x less power draw, at the same performance as the Ivy Bridge processors. And yes, it's called the 4th Generation of Core processors. Also seems that we have about 2x the GPU performance to Ivy Bridge.

Onto another topic, i7 powered Coke machines? It's basically a PC - that dispenses Coke! 

It even takes pictures (photobooth!) or sends emails! They're currently deployed in South America. 

Source: Anandtech