December 19, 2012

THQ Files for Bankruptcy, Games Revealed!

Even though the recent Humble Bundle might've netted THQ some money for the short term, it didn't save them from creditors.  Today, game publisher THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and has entered into an "asset purchase agreement" with "affiliates of" Clearlake Capital Group. Currently, all of THQ's assets are up for sale, including all four of its game studios, with their games and other projects. THQ is looking for about $60 million in cash, with a $10 million note for their creditors.

Due to said bankruptcy filing, some THQ games were revealed as well. They include:

Vigil, developers of the Darksiders series, are working on a game named "Crawler".
Volition, developers of the Saints Row series, are working on the next installment, "Saints Row 4", to be released in 2013.
Relic, developers of the Homeworld series, are working on "Company of Heroes 2" (2013) and "Atlas" (2014).
Lastly, THQ Montreal is developing a untitled Patrice Desilets game.

Best of luck to THQ and their developers in the days ahead.

Source: NextPowerUp!