January 3, 2013

Polaroid Fotobar Stores made for mobile photo printing

The 75 years young instant photography giant , Polaroid, will soon be opening a series of stores designed for printing photos from your phone! They have dubbed it Fotobar. At the Fotobar, you select what type of print you would like, fetch it from your computer, phone, Facebook, Instagram, or Picasa, and then they make it for you.

In the store, you can wirelessly transfer your photos from your phone to one of the computers or tablets for touch-ups and final edits. You can also add many Instagram-esque effects to your photos be for you print. You also have many printing options. You can print on materials such as metal, wood, or bamboo, and choose various framing options. After you submit your order, it will take a maximum of 72 hours for them to ship it to your doorstep.

Polaroid will try to make a "professional studio" feel so you can be inspired. Also, the store will also feature a room dubbed "the Studio" to host classes. The first store will be opened in Florida then several other stores will be open in big cities across the United States. Hopefully they will eventually expand to Canada.

This seems like a very interesting concept for Polaroid. "There are currently around 1.5 billion pictures taken every single day, and that number continues to grow in tandem with the popularity and quality of camera phones," founder and CEO of Fotobar Warren Struhl said in a statement. "Unfortunately, even the very best of those pictures rarely ever escape the camera phone with which they were taken to be put on display around our homes and offices." They are famous for their film but now they embrace the digital age. After all, you either evolve or die (Blackberry should take a page from Polaroid).

Right now, you can use this service online and get it delivered to you.

Source: TNW