February 19, 2013

EA Releases Crysis 3

Ever since Crysis was released in November of 2007, soldiers in nanosuits have become an icon of the gaming industry.  Crysis 3 continues the legacy of one man army style combat, where you have options such as cloaking yourself for a stealthy entrance, or activating your shield if stealth isn`t your thing.

The game also features smart mechanics, where if you decide to never use your cloak, reinforcements will appear in larger numbers, giving you more things to shoot.  A great addition to the series is the new Crossbow which allows you a means of ranged attack without breaking your shield, amazingly useful for players who want the ultimate stealth experience, something that was not possible in the first or second games in the series.

Vehicles have always been a fun addition to the Crysis series, although in this version, they have decided to let your character pilot them even in multiplayer.  With vehicles ranging from traditional to Ceph, the multiplayer component is bound to be full of interesting options.  What else is greater than being invisible in the presence of motor vehicles?

Crysis 3 introduces suit upgrades available on the battlefield, and unlike Crysis 2, these upgrades slowly progress automatically throughout the game.  For instance, if you decide to upgrade your cloak, you'll find that as you complete more missions your cloak will require less and less energy.

As many Crysis fans out there are excited to know, yes the graphics in this newest edition are breath taking, even more so than the first or second.  The vegetation looks even more realistic (in fact even better than Far Cry 3) and even guns look more accurately modeled.