March 8, 2013

Galaxy S IV Eye Scrolling Technology

Ever had those times where you wanted turn a page but too lazy to bother?  Well, it is now possible because the Galaxy S IV will be introducing an eye-tracking technology that allows us to scroll through pages of text using just our eyes!

Another cool thing is that head movements can also be used to perform tasks such as pausing a video. There are many other tasks that head movements can perform and here are some of them:
  • Smart Stay: The device won't turn its screen off if it senses your face is watching the screen
  • Smart Rotation: Adjusts screen rotation to your angle of sight, overriding the gyro. Now you can lie down on your side and use the device in its portrait mode, without worrying about a landscape tilt
  • Smart Pause: Pauses videos being played back if the device senses you're not watching
  • Smart Scroll: Scrolls through documents and web-pages sensing you've come to the end of a page

The tasks above can be changed according to the user’s preference.  Expect more when Samsung announces their Galaxy S IV.