July 12, 2013

August Smart Lock

In the past, letting friends, relatives, or the plumber, required you to either be home and let them in yourselves, or give them a spare key. The co-founders of the August Smart Lock, designer Yves Behar and tech entrepreneur Jason Johnson, have revolutionized the way we let people into our homes.

The August Smart Lock creates a new way to let people into our homes. Traditional keys are easy to copy and lose; keypad codes can easily be shared. Biometrics are expensive and have not been widely adopted yet, making it impractical. The August Smart Lock is designed to change all that. The August Smart Lock replaces your existing dead bolt, making it super easy to install.

It's powered by a mobile app that grants access to people and lets them or yourself into the house wirelessly - no more fumbling with keys or passwords! The August allows you to send virtual keys to guests or contractors to gain access to your home without a need to physically exchange keys. You can set things such as the number of guests and how long the keys are active for, so you wont have to deal with people forgetting to return your keys, or those who keep a copy for themselves.

The August also introduces something never done with any other lock before, unlocking itself without having to pull something out of your pocket or waving something in front of a sensor. When a person with a valid key approaches the door, the August will auto-unlock, letting you enter without having to put down your bag of groceries or luggage, it will auto-lock behind the user as well. No more "did I forget to lock the door?"

Instead of using Wi-Fi to connect to smartphones, the August uses a Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) connection. Since the August does't need to connect to a Wi-Fi router and is powered by two AA batteries, it continues to work even through a blackout, never leaving you locked out of your home.

Not everyone has a smartphone, such as your grandparents. The August still functions as a typical lock, letting you unlock and lock it with a key.

The August is currently available for pre-order and will cost you $199.

Martin Tam is an editor and the Director of Video Production at [blank]’s Universe. He is also a technology enthusiast that particularly enjoys computers and photography. He enjoys breaking things and sleeping in his spare time.