October 21, 2013

BBM is officially released on iOS and Android

It is finally here. BBM for Android and for iOS is now officially available and working! After a botched release back exactly a month ago because a previously leaked unofficial version of the app overwhelmed BlackBerry's servers, it is finally ready for the public to use.

Currently, there is a line up system, most likely to alleviate pressure on their servers. People who have signed up on BlackBerry's website before to get BBM get instant access now.

For others, there is no indication when it will be available. There are also many reports of difficulties using the BlackBerry ID sign up on mobile devices. We suggest signing up on a computer at this link so you can start using BBM once it is available to you.

Get it now on the Play Store and on the App Store.

To learn (or relearn) how to use BBM, BlackBerry has released many informative tutorials on using BBM.
Watch them below!