January 10, 2014

Rogers Denies Charging for LAN Traffic

Earlier this week, a Reddit post was created, alleging that Rogers' opinion is "that all traffic that goes across your network is internet traffic to count against your usage cap even if it is internal traffic from computer to computer". In short, anything on your network. This includes streaming movies from a computer to a television, for example. The user, "spammeaccount" also said that network traffic is tracked as long as the Rogers gateway is on. They also tested their theory by unplugging the router's coaxial cable (this runs to Rogers) and transferring 4 GB of data to a NAS (Network Attached Storage device) - bumping up their total usage by 4 GB.

This incident is not isolated, as other users commented saying they had the same problem. One user, "MaxxDelusional", elaborated on his case, saying, "This exact same thing happened to me. I was able to prove it and Rogers refunded me all of my overage payments. They said it was a faulty modem. Once they replaced the modem, I stopped getting charged for internal data."

Rogers is working to reassure consumers that they do not charge for internal traffic. They are currently "following up with their front line reps to ensure they have the accurate information", in order to prevent (part of) this from occurring again.

According to "spammeaccount",
"[Rogers] just lowered my monthly fee for 2 years and upped my cap to 500gig [sic] with no contract. It's is easier to agree to that than fight the charge as this wipes out the charge and I can cancel a few months down the road. I will take the savings and slap a switch/router between their modem and my network and throw their modem into bridge mode, after having them replace that modem as possibly defective."
If you have a sudden and suspicious increase in internet usage, it might just be this problem. One preventative solution is to install a switch or router, like "spammeaccount" suggests, between their modem and your other devices for the time being.

Source: Global News