January 7, 2014

Intel Announces Wearable Tech and Other Devices

On Monday night, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich began his speech with Intel's plans on wearable tech. The gadgets include smartwatches, a baby monitoring device, and a new embedded processor chip called Edison to power them.
Intel "Jarvis"
Intel's smart earbud, Jarvis, is a personal assistant, with its ability to sync with your email, calender, and more. It is connected to and powered through the audio jack; this device still requires tethering from your phone. It can provide a solution for runners who want music and to monitor their heart rate and distance with its embedded sensors.

Intel will also release a smartwatch. The main feature that was demonstrated was smart geofencing. It can send an alert if the watch and wearer exits a defined area. However, there is serious competition in the smartwatch market, with the new Pebble smartwatch and Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch.
And you thought the Raspberry Pi was small.
Edison, powered by a dual-core Quark processor, is the size and shape of a regular SD card which supports Linux and has a x86-compatible processor and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. It is fabricated with Intel's 22-nm manufacturing process.

Krzanich also announced a contest for the best wearable tech design. There will be $1.3 million prizes, with the grand prize being $500000 and connections to take their inventions further.

Source: PCWorld

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