January 9, 2014

Yahoo Acquires Aviate

Ever since Marissa Mayer became CEO at Yahoo in July 2012, they have acquired various startups. Their latest addition is Aviate, an Android homescreen replacement that provides a new and refreshing approach to using your apps. Yahoo recently announced the news at CES 2014. If you’re unaware of Aviate, it’s a minimalistic launcher with a clean, modern interface. It takes cues from the time of day or location to present information important to you. For example, based on your location, Aviate will present you with relevant information such as nearby attractions. Aviate is still in private beta, with Yahoo saying they will improve Aviate but didn’t specify their plans. It is possible that Aviate will integrate with Yahoo products and services such as Flickr, Yahoo Mail and Messenger. Yahoo is not the first to try to take a spin around the launcher market. If you can recall, Facebook Home was Facebook's attempt at joining the launcher game. If you want to join the closed beta, try the invite code “YAHOO”. The first 25,000 people will receive access.

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Gary Chen is a guest contributor at [blank]'s Universe.