May 27, 2014

Changes to the Google Logo

Have you noticed the subtle change to the iconic Google logo over the weekend? Unless you enjoy looking at logos from a pixel by pixel perspective, you probably haven’t noticed. The change was first brought up by a Reddit post on Sunday.

There wasn't a change in color, or the shape of the letters. The only change was the positioning of the two letters. The “l” has been shifted slightly down and the “g” has been shifted slightly to the right. This GIF from Gizmodo helps clarify the changes Google has made.
The Google logo does look better because of this change, even if it was only by a pixel. If an average person were to look at the logo now, they would not suspect a thing.

Now that I know about the change, the old logo attracts my attention. I am happy that Google has made this change even though it was literally just a pixel. This is one of those changes where when you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Source: Reddit
GIF: Gizmodo