May 14, 2014

CHERRY Releases MW 2400 Wireless Mouse and KW 2000 Wireless Keyboard

Peripheral specialist CHERRY expands its portfolio of input devices for office use with the CHERRY MW 2400 wireless mouse and CHERRY KW 2000 wireless keyboard. The CHERRY MW 2400 wireless mouse is optimised for professional use in any workplace. It can be precisely controlled, performs reliably and has a sophisticated and ergonomically functional design. The CHERRY KW 2000 is particularly suitable for complete conversion to wireless peripherals for the notebook or desktop, allowing you to dispense with the hassle of cables. As an ideal keyboard for typical office tasks, it has no annoying key rattling, and it convinces with its modern, flat design. A key advantage is the very high degree of reliability and durability typical for CHERRY. This is all offered by CHERRY with an excellent price-performance ratio, which likewise applies to the CHERRY MW 2400 wireless mouse.

The CHERRY MW 2400 3-button mouse is designed for left- and right-handed users. The modern design, as well as the precise and absolutely reliable optical sensor technology (1,200 dpi resolution), guarantees fatigue-free work. The wireless 2.4 GHz transmission ensures trouble-free operation. Thanks to the multi-user capability, several mice can be used in parallel in office environments. Small details such as the battery status indicator and the small nano USB receiver, ideal for use with laptops, round out the sophisticated design of the CHERRY MW 2400.

The wireless keyboard CHERRY KW 2000 in a modern, flat design features quality and reliability from CHERRY at an entry-level price. The short-stroke softkeys with whisper keystroke enable quiet, precise and fast typing. The durability is enhanced by the abrasion-resistant laser engraving of the keys, which are designed for up to ten million keystrokes. Four hotkeys – one each for calculator, e-mail, browser and sleep mode – complete the features of the wireless keyboard. The CHERRY KW 2000 is also multi-user capable and immediately ready to use thanks to Plug & Play, just like the CHERRY MW 2400 wireless mouse.

Prices and availability: The wireless mouse CHERRY MW 2400 and the wireless keyboard CHERRY KW 2000 in black are now available at special dealers.

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