June 26, 2014

Android L: Overview

What do you think Android L will be called?
Ever since Android version 1.5, Google has been following a pattern when it comes to naming their updates. Last time, it was “K” for Kitkat and now, it will start with the letter “L”. Android L will be the temporary name for this new version, which many users guess stands for Lollipop, although it has not confirmed. Head of Android, Sundar Pichai, has claimed that Android L will be a huge update. This version of Android is available on June 26 for developers and will be released to the public this fall. Now let’s take a peek at what we might be expecting in this update.

One thing that the Android L update will have is the Material Redesign. The design will be more simple, as it will have more shadow gradients, and will have a 3D feel.. The Roboto font that was introduced in the Ice Cream Sandwich update will be updated too. Animations will also smoother as they will flow into each other. The home, back, and multi-tasking buttons will be changed into a simpler design.

Notifications in the Android L update will be completely different from all the other previous update, as it is being merged with the lock screen for easy viewing accessibility. Notifications will flow over the screen, and will also allow the user to choose to accept/reject any incoming messages or calls.This will avoid any unwanted distractions for the user. The standard lock screen requires a PIN or pattern, but with the update, the phone will recognize the user without using a PIN when using a Bluetooth device.

As some of you know, Android RunTime (ART) is an optional runtime available on Android KitKat, but in Android L, ART has been made the standard which works with ARM, x86 and MIPS platforms that runs twice as fast as the Dalvik runtime that is found on previous Android versions. ART is more memory efficient and 64-bit compatible. Google has been working with companies like Nvidia, Qualcomm, ARM and Imagination Technologies to create graphics that improve them vastly to make it look like PC graphics. Battery life on the Android L will be more efficient as it has a battery saver integrated in the update.

Rumours suggest the “L” in Android L could stand for Lollipop, but anything can be possible. In the KitKat Easter egg, it is revealed that there is a slice of pie as one of the pictures. Seeing that all the other pictures are related to previous Android versions, could this mean that instead of KitKat, it might have been Key Lime Pie or is this a clue for what the “L” will stand for? We'll just have to wait and see.

What do you think it will be called?

Source: techradar.com