June 7, 2014

Are Glasses the New Form of Technology?

Recently, Google created a wearable device called Google Glass where the user is able to view directions, reminders, and the time all in the corner of his or her eye. At Computex 2014 in Taipei, Taiwanese company ChipSiP has designed a device that is similar to the Google Glass, named the “SiMEye Smart Glass” (pronounced “see me”).

The president of ChipSiP, George Tai, said the SiMEye Smart Glass allows the user to live view chat with family and friends and download their favourite apps. It is also able to access information anywhere using cloud storage and interact with their smartphones without taking them out. This wearable technology uses the Android platform and can be controlled using hand gestures or a touchpad. To use the features on the Smart Glass, the user must download an app using their Android device before it is transferred to the SiMEye.

One thing that The SiMEye Smart Glass does better than the Google Glass is its ability to capture video in 1080p, four times the resolution of Google Glass. One fallback is that the SimEye does not support voice control.

Another wearable technology revealed at Computex 2014 is the VPT-S PhoneStation by VIEW PHONE TECHNOLOGY. The intentions for this piece of eyewear is to allow the user to watch movies and play games in 3D. The VPT-S PhoneStation is a case that holds your smartphone and uses lenses to create a bigger screen ( 200-inch screen ) for the user to enjoy. If a camera app is compatible with this device, it can magnify up 10 times and use the camera flash that is perfect for precision repair. This lightweight device does not require the user to use their hands to hold the device or change the settings. With the VPT-S PhoneStation, VIEW PHONE TECHNOLOGY aims to lure in developers as it can be a useful device in the future.

Source: cdrinfo.com