November 18, 2015

Review: Clear-Coat Fusion Screen Protector

Glass screen protectors appears to be all the rage these days. There are so many on the market that it may be hard to choose one for your well valued phone. However, one of the more unique screen protectors is the Clear-Coat Fusion, which may be an odd decision since it is not glass unlike most of the other $30+ screen protectors.

The Fusion has some features that makes it stand out from the crowd: it is reusable and self healing, just to name a few.

Packaging and Presentation

Clear-Coat's packaging is pretty basic compared to other glass screen protector packaging. Inside it comes with all the necessities to put the screen protector on. You will find the usual microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol wipes, the screen protector itself, and dust removal stickers.


Installing the Fusion was simple and straight forward. The included cleaning supplies did a great job at prepping my screen for the installation. After that, it's a simple peal-align-place-peal process. If there was an misalignment during installation, the removal stickers easily got it off the phone.

Protection and Durability

Although the Fusion does not have true edge to edge coverage, it does a great job covering up as much space as possible without touching the curve in the glass of the iPhone 6. Cut outs for Touch ID, front camera and front speaker assures normal functionality. The ambient light sensor also seems to be functioning normally.

The Fusion has a special self-healing layer on top of the bottom layer of material. This makes most scratches only temporary and they disappear in minutes, although deeper scratches are still permanent. This is one of the feature that makes this screen protector stand out from the competition. It also does a great job at shock absorbing since is is not glass and has more elasticity, so you’re less likely to shatter your screen upon impact. The flexible screen protector is great for removing and applying as it won’t shatter, unlike many other glass screen protectors that easily shatter upon removal.

Clear-Coat’s Fusion is also washable and reusable! You can simply wash the underside of the screen protector, shake to dry, and apply it if you ever need to reapply it. This is a really unique feature that really differentiate it from the competition, and very handy too. Gone are the days are dreading over a piece of dust getting under the glass during installation. However, I did find that trying to dry the screen protector after washing it did attract dust particles. Eventually, after three washes, I did manage to get the Fusion back on my phone, dust free.

Everyday Use

First off, the clarity on this screen protector is… amazing! If I didn’t see the outline of the screen protector on my iPhone, I couldn’t have guessed if there was one on it. The only downside to my daily experience with the Fusion is how it feels. Since it has a self-healing coating on top, it isn’t as smooth to the touch as glass screen protectors without the coating. I guess this is the tradeoff for the self-healing feature. It isn’t a huge problem, but it does make inputs feel a bit… sticky. For those with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, it does make 3D touch harder to activate just by a little bit from my experience with it.

Overall, Clear-Coat’s Fusion screen protector is one of the best out there, in my opinion. The amazing clarity, self-healing, and reusable aspects of it makes it a very appealing one. In the sea of screen protectors, this one sure does stand out. The $34.99 USD(iPhone 6/6S) / $39.99USD(iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus) does make this a rather pricey option, but I believe that the pros makes it worthy of your money. You can purchase Clear-Coat’s Fusion screen protector from their website For more information on how the screen protector is made, visit their blog here