July 29, 2010

Cars of the future will spray you with vitamin C.

The Nissan concept electric Leaf will spray it's passengers with vitamin C to help you to be healthier. Nissan is trying to push people to stay in their cars instead of stepping outside. The Leaf will also come with a anti-crash radar that detects the distance between the front of the car and a vehicle in front of it. This system will be similar to the ones used in ships and airplanes. The system will alert the driver and tell him/her to slow down. It can also raise the accelerator pedal and depress the brakes. This car will also feature "comfy" chairs designed by NASA to improve blood circulation. They will also have air purifiers designed by Sharp and smart speedometers that will remind drivers of upcoming anniversaries and birthdays, lest the driver forget. This car is truly the future so by the next time you buy a car, you may be sprayed with vitamin C. What do you think about the Leaf? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!!!