July 27, 2010

iPhone 4 in Canada.... Part 2 : Antenna, Bumpers, and Specs

The iPhone has been said to be the best smartphone ever then, the antenna problem was discovered. The antenna of the iPhone was originally calculating the bars incorrectly, then Apple released the iOS 4.1 to fix that problem. The new problem is that the iPhone's design incorparates the antenna in the metal band on the outside of the phone so when you put your hand over certain spots or the whole band, the signal can be much worst and sometimes enough to drop calls.
Apple is now offering a bumper for iPhone 4 users in the USA but what will they do when in Canada? The iPhone 4 is to be released this Friday in Canada so will it already include a case or will the launch be delayed? I doubt it. The bumpers have different colours so I think there will be a very angry group of consumers that will get the wrong colour. Also, the date of the released was only announced recently, way after the discovery of this problem, so that problem won't change. I think that there are only two options. One, Apple will sell defective iPhones or, two, Apple has something else up their sleeves. Well theres only one way to find out... and that is to wait till Friday.

and click here for the SPECS and COMPARISON