September 7, 2011

iOS 5 + iCloud

I haven't written on this blog for a long time. Well now I have found something relatively monumental change in Apple's iOS Devices.

Apple has constantly released many quality mobile products including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the of course, the iPad. Well all of these devices run on the iOS operating system.

iOS has really enabled people like me to use the great hardware to its fullest. iOS 5 will be the biggest update and overhaul of iOS ever. iOS 4 enabled multitasking, Game Center, and things like folders on the home screen. iOS 5 will build on top of all that. It will include things like less intrusive notifications, notifications center (a drop down menu similar to android), improved speed in safari, allowing the volume up key on the iPhone to be a shutter key for the camera, and many many new features. A new service from Apple will be fully released with iOS 5 but is ALREADY AVAILABLE!

That is iCloud.

iCloud stores your apps, photos, music, and even full device backups on a central server allowing each individual device to have the same information. This means if you buy an app on your iPod touch, your iPhone and iTunes on your computer will download it too. Also if you lose your device, a backup can be restored to a new device with all your previous information! iCloud is a free service that is the successor to MobileMe

There are too many features in iOS 5 to cover here and many I didn't mention (like wireless sync, delta updates, etc.) but you can get caught up by watching Apple's keynote on iOS 5.

iOS 5 will come out in the fall of 2011