March 30, 2012

Fixing [blank]'s DJ2GO

[blank] had purchased a Numark DJ2GO a while back and had decided to repeatedly drop it. Due to all the constant abuse, the mini usb port broke off from the mainboard and broke. So I took it apart to see what I could do

If you look at the top left corner, you can see a sticker that says "Caution! risk of electric shock, do not open". I opened it anyway because I'm smart.

Turns out that the mini usb connector pulled out the soldering pads or whatever they are called when it broke off...So now I have to figure out a way to solder 5 tiny pins back on...

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Martin Tam is an editor and the Director of Video Production at [blank]’s Universe. He is also a technology enthusiast that particularly enjoys computers and photography. He enjoys breaking things and sleeping in his spare time.