April 6, 2012

Intel 3rd Gen. Core i CPUs, Simplified

The next generation of CPUs from Intel will be the 3rd Gen. Core "i" series!

There will still be i3s, i5s, and i7s. However, i3s will not be released afterwards, with the i5s and i7s set to be released this month.

The main difference between these two generations (2nd and 3rd) is that this is built on a 22nm process, being smaller, and therefore saving power. This will be more important in laptops than desktops.
This generation also supports USB3, 10X faster than USB2!

New motherboards are set to be released this SUNDAY, March 8th.

Also, the graphics will be reasonably improved over the previous generation, although still falling short of AMD's offerings. It will have a 50-200% increase in performance, once again, being more important in laptops than desktops.


Alright, so for you desktop users, this generation does not make too much a difference. However, gaming is improved (for really low-end games). 

This should impact laptop users more, as it is power-conserving, and that the graphics are better.

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