April 6, 2012

Would you sell your kidney for an iPad?

I know I wouldn't but there is one person in this world that would. AND HE DID!! There is a 17-year-old Chinese kid that needed some cash to buy an iPad and iPhone. He posted his kidney on the black market and sold it for $3500! The asking price was $35000!

This was obviously illegal right?!   

Well yes, since its 2012, but if he sold it in 2007, it would be perfectly LEGAL! China only banned organ sale in 2007. Now he suffers from renal deficiency which is when the kidneys can't filter out all the toxins  .  If you remember your high school biology, you would know that kidney cells stop multiplying and you can not grow one back (unlike a liver, which you CAN grow back). Well this 17-year-old now needs a kidney which he knows will cost him $35000!
Whats the moral of this story? An iPad and iPhone is NOT WORTH IT!!! So don't sell your kidneys!!!

UPDATE : 5 People have now been charged in this case!