July 28, 2012

Google Fiber

Google is introducing a new ultra fast 1Gb-per-second Fiber internet and TV service. Sadly, this is only available in Kansas City for the time being, but Google plans to expand the network and hopefully it come to Canada. It would be a Huge leap for Canadians because the fastest internet speeds we can get are 50Mb/s Download and 7Mb/s Upload, you also can't get the fastest upload and download at the same time because they are hosted by different companies. If you happen to be a reader from Kansas City, we hope you pre-register for this service to help get a fiber network for your community. Google plans to build the network on demand based on how many people pre-register for the service before September 9th.

Google promises the service to be 100 times faster than the average American broadband speed, which is already heaps faster than Canadian internet speeds. According go Google's website for Fiber, 100 photos can be downloaded in 2 seconds as opposed to 59 seconds on my current internet speed (50Mb/s download, 3Mb/s upload) It also has not bandwidth caps, which to us at [blank]'s universe is very important. Just ask any of our staff, every one of us pass our monthly limit every month and end up having to pay hefty overage fees (except Ahmed, he has no internet).

The Google Fiber includes a network box that come with the service has 1Gb Ethernet ports, as well as Wi-Fi 350Mb/s and a built in Gigabit fire wall, A lot better than the thing Rogers gave me with their best plan...built in router (that annoys me), wireless b/g, and 4 standard Ethernet ports.

Google offers three plans with their service. The first one is free if your community is chosen to have Fiber installed, but a $300 construction fee must be paid. This has a one time $300 fee and no monthly fees. It provides normal broadband speeds of 5Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload, it also has no bandwidth cap. The next one up would include Google's 1Gb/s download speeds that costs $70 a month and a $300 construction fee that can be waived by signing a 2-year contract. The best plan would include both Google's internet and TV. This service would run you $120 (still cheaper than my internet, not including TV...). Once again the $300 Construction fee can be waived by signing a 2-year contract. The Fiber TV service offers a huge selection of shows and movies in HD. Google is also throwing in a free Nexus 7 with this plan and a TV box that records up to 500 hours and 8 shows at once on its 2TB hard drive. All plans include 1TB of online storage!

Google Fiber is expected to be installed in what Google call 'Fiber Hoods' to cities that have enough people pre-registered by mid-2013. I really hope that Google will bring Fiber to Canada but many of us will know that that will only happen many years later or even never. Check out the creative little ad Google created for Google Fiber.

What do you think about Google Fiber and do you think that they should introduce it in Canada? Leave your comment below.

Source: Google Fiber

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