July 27, 2012

UPDATED: Planetside 2 Trailer!

We've all heard of Battlefield 3 - a FPS which features up to 64 players on PC. Some of us here at [blank]'s Universe play it, but costing $60 + $50 of DLC, it might be too expensive for some people. Add that to the high system requirements and all of a sudden, it turns many gamers away. But, there's a cheap and less intensive game coming out soon.
Planetside 2 - a MMOFPS (Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter), which is also amazingly Free-to-Play! It features from 300 - 6000 players per game (as far as I have heard), and the trailer launched yesterday! With such large battles, this game will feature lots of vehicles.

The trailer is here:

Sign up for Closed beta here!

UPDATE (July 27, 2012 5:40 PM PST): This game is expected to launch next week. The order of access comes as follows:

  1. Veterans of Planetside
  2. Users who hold a beta key
  3. Users who signed up for closed-beta (random)
  4. Open Beta
  5. Stable Release

Are you going to play Planetside 2? Are you excited? Leave us a comment below and/or vote in the poll!