July 22, 2012

Roam Mobility : Mobility for the Traveller (Exclusive Coupon Code Inside!)

If you have ever been to the US and needed to make a call or recieved a text, you would know how much telephone companies charge you. If you have a plan with Rogers, that would be $1.46/min or 75 cents per text message or $1.50/min or 60 cents per text with Telus.

Let us introduce Roam Mobility. Roam mobility allows you to connect directly to a US network (T-Mobile, the US's largest 4G network, to be exact) allowing you to skip the roaming and long distance charges. The amazing thing about Roam Mobility is that it only costs about $3 a day for unlimited talk and text throughout the US and calls back to Canada! With $3 on your Rogers plan, you could make a 2 minute call or send 3 text messages.

All their plans, include free voice mail and caller ID (Excluding the data only plan). By using Roam mobility, you can save 99%* on the cost of roaming charges. Roam also works through a pre-paid service so you will never be bound to any contracts and you only pay for what you need. Simply log-in or make a phone call to top up your account. Roam offers 3 different plans to suit your needs and the plans are in many flexible time frames.

To use Roam, simply purchase a Roam SIM card (regular or micro) and swap it out in an unlocked phone. If you don't own an unlocked phone, you can purchase a Breeze phone or a Liberty wireless access spot if you only want data. If you're going to use data and you have a 4G phone, you can get connected to their 4G Network - allowing you to get speeds of up to 42 Mbps. They even have this cool data calculator!

The Breeze phone costs $50 , the Liberty wireless access spot costs $130, and a SIM card costs $20 (regular prices).Roam Mobility is a fantastic idea if you wish to make phone calls during your visit to the US. Use our exclusive promo code to get awesome discounts on your Roam purchases!

Coupon Code: BLANKS
Offer: 15% off any hardware device - SIM (standard or micro), Breeze phone, and/or Liberty hotspot
Expires: August 31, 2012
Limitation: 1 use per customer

Thank you to the generous people at Roam Mobility! Stay tuned for a full review of Roam service!

*Compared to rates charged by other major Canadian carriers

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