July 21, 2012

Mom Hacks School - Gets Arrested

How many of us ever wanted to "hack" into a school computer and change our grade? I'm sure a lot of us did (and still do!) It just seems like a dream in our imagination - like the scene from Wargames.

Mind you - most of us think it's impossible. But then it is - a Pennsylvania mother just managed to "hack" into a school system and change the grades of two of her children and read emails. She was employed by the Northwestern Lehigh School District from 2008 - April 2011, as an administrative school secretary to work at Lehigh University as an event coordinator (she got removed from her position there recently).

There is no information on how she "hacked" the system, but they do know they changed marks from a 98 to a 99 and a "F" to a "M" (Mind you, what is a M?!?). She now faces 6 felony charges.

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Source: Tom's Guide