September 27, 2012

Apple: No Cheap Accessories for You!

Remember how the iPhone 5 came out with its new "Lightning" connector? Well, n3rdf1ght3r, and I'm sure a majority of the people out there, were critical of its high price. He even said to wait off for a knock-off from eBay - smart right?

Well, it looks like we won't be able to do that. The guys at AppleInsider say that Apple's Lightning interface has an authentication chip, directly in the way of the V+ line. The guys at Double Helix Cables disassembled theirs, and here's the picture. A perfect example of Apple's monopolization of their accessory market - and their greed of course.

So, you'll have to buy your accessories from Apple, or at a similarly priced authorized accessory manufacturer. Before you buy Apple - think about what you're supporting. Oh, and if you own an iPhone 5, I'm sure you can keep buying $30+ accessories from Apple.
Source: Appleinsider