September 13, 2012

Intel Developer Forum : Day Three

Intel today moved closer to developing a SoC for laptops and desktops, integrating the radio (Wi-fi) onto the chip. They also introduced WiGig, a protocol which allows devices to connect to the laptop directly. They also talked about Smart Connect technology, which is basically letting devices update themselves when they are in a "sleep mode".

There is also this technology formed by a partnership between Intel, Cisco, Verizon, and 5 universities known as Video Aware Wireless Networks. They had 10 devices (4 tablets, 6 phones) streaming video over a 10Mbps connection. Now, if they all had the same bandwidth, half of them (i'm guessing the tablets) couldn't stream it properly. With the VAWN technology, they all can watch it smoothly.

Intel has noticed that many people don't use passwords. Now, with a wave of the hand, you can unlock the PC using biometrics.