December 28, 2012

2012 Gaming Year in Review: Bad Piggies (September)

Since December 2009, we’ve been constantly attacking pigs’ homes with cute, fuzzy, and adorable birds, courtesy of Angry Birds. But now, from the creators of Angry Birds comes an all new game from the pigs’ point of view - Bad Piggies.

With more than 87 levels and upcoming free updates, Rovio continues to make amazing games for the whole family - bird included.  Costing only 38 MB (or none if you leech off someone’s Wifi), this game will give you the ability to pass the time faster whether you are at the doctor's office or just waiting at the local Service Ontario.

Bad piggies offers an identical physics environment to that of Angry Birds by utilizing the Unity Game Engine.  However in this version, not only do you play the role of the pig, but you also construct simple vehicle to get you to your destination - the checkered flag.  Similar to the mainstream versions of Angry Birds, you earn stars through building the most effective machine as well as physically collecting them through exploring the level.

To sum it all up, Bad Piggies is a great game that will keep your mind at work.