December 20, 2012

2012 Gaming Year in Review : Paper Gliders vs Gnomes (January)

Released in January of this year, Paper Gliders and Gnomes features virtually no creative content.  In fact, the mechanics were almost identical in every way, and seems as if this Neon Play creation had simply been plagiarized from Rovio, the developers of Angry Birds.  What makes me angry is the lack of any variety from every perspective, such as the lack of different enemies for you to bomb/poke with your plane.  The only component of this game that wasn’t complete rubbish would of been the graphics, which were acceptable but not eye-catchingly adorable like the Angry Birds we know and love.  

Paper Glider features two types of virtual paper planes, a rather disappointing number considering the average person could probably fold at least three types out of actual paper.  The two actual planes that they actually offer look absolutely the same, the only difference being one has the ability to drop bombs, and the other rolling the explosives out slowly after it crashes.  Don’t have much time to play a quick game?  Good thing the loading screens only take about ten times longer than Angry Birds, and the bombs don’t explode on impact, but rather sit around for about a dozen seconds first before vaporizing anything within a couple of millimeters from the explosives.   

The physics in this game are so good that shrapnel caused by the actual explosions fall through the ground, without leaving any trace of their existence. I think that DICE should definitely adapt this engine for Frostbite 3, because who needs buildings, rubble, physics, and actual destruction anyways when everything can simply sink into the ground instead.

Ultimately, Paper Glider vs. Gnomes brings nothing new to the table, but rather revisits familiar ground that we’ve known for many years.  To be honest, this game is not completely horrible.  Those of you who enjoy the types of games aimed towards toddlers, or even people who have too much free time will definitely enjoy a FREE copy of this on the Play Store.  In the end, it all boils down to whether or not you’re willing to spend the 9.81 MB that this game requires to download.