December 30, 2012

2012 Technology Year in Review: Apple iPad Mini (November)

When I first entered the Apple Store and glanced at that iPad mini, I thought to myself, wow, I must have some problems with my eyesight. Then, I saw the sign and I realized that it said “iPad Mini”.
Apple’s slogan for the iPad Mini is “Every Inch an iPad .”  Well I hope it is because I’m basically paying for one.  Sporting a ten hour battery life for those of you who just eat it up.

The iPad Mini offers over 275,000 apps.  However, the largest iPad capacity offered is 64 GB, nowhere close enough to store all 275,000 apps, so I’m unsure how Apple is using this as a selling point.  It’s like saying this car holds fifty litres of gasoline, and then letting you know how much gasoline is annually produced in Alaska or something. But then again, Google does this too, so it’d be fair to mention them too.

As per status quo for most Apple products, the screen looks amazing and does not have the contrast and color issues that some HD Super AMOLED screens sport, such as on the S3 or the Note.  The exterior feels solid and the use of cheap plastics has all but disappeared into the interior of the device.  This probably results in the ultra light but nice feel of the iPad Mini.

In conclusion, this product would be excellent for Apple fanboys and fangirls, but probably no one else.