December 9, 2012

HP to Apple: You're a Bit Late

Although Apple's CEO Tim Cook has just announced that they will be slowly be moving production of their iMacs back to the United States, HP has just released a press statement saying that they've always had production in the US, ever since they had a PC department. "HP desktop workstations and commercial desktop PCs are assembled in Indianapolis, and HP servers are assembled in Houston", the document reads. With HP's build-to-order manufacturing model, it allows them to create systems that match customers' requirements and needs, while keeping shipping costs low.

Some facts about HP's PC business:

  • 36% of Business Desktops sold in the US are made there.
  • 100% of Workstations sold in the US are made there.
  • HP and Compaq have made PCs in the US since their inception.
  • HP is expecting 2.9 million PCs to be built in the US this year.
Source: HP