February 17, 2013

RUMOUR: GeForce "Titan"

Rumors are circulating about nVidia's upcoming graphics card "Titan". So far, the information we have claims that it will be more than twice as fast as a GTX 680. In this 3DMark11 test on the Xtreme preset, the GeForce "Titan" 780 scored X7107 points. A GTX 690 scores around X6000 and the GTX 680 scores around X3300. Rumours state that it will be released in February.

Yes, it's in Chinese, no I cannot read it

One can make out that it will use a combination of 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-e power connectors, and seems to have a 8+2+2 phase VRM. There are 12 memory chips seen on the PCB, but it is unknown if there are any more on the second side.

The GeForce "Titan" will be based off the GK110 chipset and use the 28nm manufacturing process. It is said to be clocked at 837MHz and have 6GB of GDDR5 Memory. It will feature 2 DVI, 1 HDMI, and 1 DisplayPort connector.

The first leaked photo has been released today and it appears to have a similar design to the GTX 690, sharing its plated aluminum shroud, with polycarbonate windows.

It is also expected to have a easily removable shroud for easy cleaning.

This is all the information we have at the moment, keep checking for more updates!
If you have any more information about the GeForce "Titan", leave it in the comments below.

Source: TechPowerUp!

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