March 4, 2013

2012 Vidya Gaem Award Winners

Here's the list of winners (or losers) of this year's Vidya Gaem Awards by 4chan (yes, that's how it's spelled). But what are the /v/GAs?
From their "About" page:
The /v/GAs (Vidya Gaem Awards) were born in early December 2011 as a response to the Spike VGAs, which were widely regarded as terrible and a cancer upon the video game industry.

Most Hated Award (Most Hated Game of the Year): Mass Effect 3
Least Worst Award (Least Worst Game of the Year): The Walking Dead
Press X to Win the Award (Worst Gameplay): Katawa Shoujo
Buzzword Award (Best Gameplay): Hotline Miami
Hamburger Helper Award (Most Atrocious Writing) : Mass Effect 3
Nature of a Man Award (Best Writing) : The Walking Dead
Not So Rehash Award (Updating a Series Nicely): Far Cry 3
Blunder of the Year (Setting a New Standard for Failure): Tortanic F2P (Star Wars: The Old Republic)
Hyperbole Award (Best Trailer): Watch Dogs
Gamebryoken Award (Glitchiest and/or Most Unoptimized Game): The War Z
/V/irgin Award (Best New IP): Hotline Miami
Kotick Award (Crimes Against Gaming): Tropes vs Women in Video Games
Kong Award (Best Soundtrack): Hotline Miami
Stylish! Award (Best Visual Aesthetics): Journey
IP Twist Award (Best New Implementation of an Old Franchise): Black Mesa
Stop it Award (For Violating* a Dead Horse): Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Sanic Award (Fastest Game): Tribes: Ascend
F*** You Award* (Worst Character): Diana Allers, Mass Effect 3
Reddit Award (Most Hated Fanbase): My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Slender Award (Worst Vidya Related YouTube Personality(ies): PewDiePie
Meat & Fish Award (Most Pretentious Indie Game): Fez
Lods of Emone Award (Biggest Cash Grab): Tropes vs Women in Video Games
Malignance Award (Most Detrimental Force to Vidya): Corrupt Journalism
Aerith Dies Award (Biggest Feels): The Walking Dead
Nighthood Award (Worst Part of the 2011 /v/GAs): Reddit Influence

*Certain words have been changed/censored. Check out the original site here.