March 27, 2013

EA Announces Battlefield 4

Battlefield 3 was very successful, but would the sequel in the series go down the same path?  It has been two years since Battlefield 3 and EA revealed that Battlefield 4 would be available to PC come Fall 2013.  As later stated by EA, it will also be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and next-gen consoles.

This game would be built with the latest iteration of EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE)’s Frostbite 3 Engine that allows players to view game environments to be more realistic. The updated engine also comes with the new Destruction 4.0 engine. Hopefully, we will be able to destroy complete buildings, like Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield 4 will include many new features, including the ability to give orders to squadmates. It will also include a system to track the performance of players in the single-player campaign, similarly to Need for Speed's Autolog. Battlefield 3 already uses the horribly inefficient and buggy Battlelog system, which will hopefully be fixed when Battlefield 4 will be released.

A beta version of Battlefield 4 will go live later in the fall with players who bought Medal of Honor: Warfighter are automatically part of the beta testing.  Below is a 17-minute gameplay demo that EA has released.

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