March 2, 2013

EA Introduces Microtransactions

In their ever growing greed, EA has adopted microtransactions, an increasing trend that many game publishers have begun to turn towards. As predicted, gamers are upset as EA plans to integrate a microtransactions model into all of their future game projects. In 2011, their CEO made a speech to stockholders about effectively getting money from gamers by charging them nickels and dimes for extra ammo, or anything to get the competitive edge above other gamers. He explained how gamers can get heavily invested in their virtual property, and would be willing to spend several dollars a day keeping it instead of an one-time payment that we are accustomed to. Recently implemented by EA in their latest Dead Space title, microtransactions allows players in some situations to customize their weapons in configurations impossible without paying. Publishers hope that a combination of a lump sum payment and a continuous flow of microtransactions will continue to expand the gaming industry, especially in these tough economic times.