March 11, 2013

Facebook's New Newsfeed

As you may know, Facebook has evolved their Newsfeed on March 7th which allows you to interact with friends, brands, and people you follow in new ways.  If you haven’t signed up for the new Newsfeed, click here to get on the waiting list.  Facebook will be allowing people on the waiting list to try out the new Newsfeed before releasing it to the public completely.  For now, let’s look at how the Newsfeed has changed.

As you know that the Newsfeed has two options, Most Recent and Top Stories.  Now you can view each of these options in new ways.  The choices are: All friends, which shows everything you friends are sharing; Photos, which shows only photos from friends and pages; Music, which allows the user to find out about upcoming concerts, top songs and new album releases from the pages that they liked; Following, which shows posts from people and brands that you follow.  There are also many more options in the See All tab that you can choose from which also allows you to create your own lists.

Get annoyed when you see the same posts over and over again from different people?  Well, Facebook collapses the same posts into one post so it does not overflow the page.  For example, instead of seeing 3 posts of the same thing, Facebook will make one posts and thumbnails on the left of it to show who has shared it.

The new Newsfeed from Facebook allows the user to choose what they see on their Newsfeed.  You can choose to show their posts on the Newsfeed or unfriend them completely just by hovering over a friend’s name and then hovering over the Friends button.  Also, you can hide a specific post by hovering over the top right corner of the post and select hide.

If you do not like the new design of the new Newsfeed, you can always switch back to the old design by clicking on the arrow in the top right corner of the page and selecting Switch to Old Design, but this option will be only available in beta, and will eventually disappear.

Although the privacy settings have not changed, you now can access it from the left sidebar, right next to your name.

Does the new Newsfeed interest you? If so, try it out and see for yourself.