March 29, 2013

Google Glass : Made in the USA

Google Glasses
Google wants you to see your world differently. They are doing this by creating high-tech eyeware dubbed Google Glass. Originally thought to be manufactured in China, Google has confirmed that it will be made in the USA.

Google is following in the footsteps of many other companies, like HP and Apple, by moving their manufacturing to the USA (if it wasn't present already). Foxconn is working on a production line for Glass in Santa Clara, California.

Many businesses in the United States have already begun prohibiting the usage of this device in their buildings, citing privacy concerns. While people have concerns over invasion of privacy, some are worried over a possibility of China spying on citizens had the device been manufactured there. Now, this appears as a possible reason for Google's decision to produce the product in the United States.

While producing Glass in the United States instead of China would prove to be more expensive for Google (and possibly consumers), the "Made in America" label may entice more purchases. Since Foxconn, with its history of factory issues, is manufacturing this product, is this just a PR move or a sincere step towards improved quality and economic development?

Source: NextPowerUp