March 20, 2013

Google Keep : Google's Notepad

Google has introduced a new app called Google Keep that made a brief appearance earlier, but is now available to the public. Keep is available for download thorough Google Play for any devices running Android 4.0 and up (sorry Deon).

Keep was created by Google to satisfy the needs of people who want to quickly take down notes and keep track of their day, similar to Samsung's S note, except prettier. This is a simple and clean app with a similar appearance to Google Now that spreads out all the notes that were taken down and organized by date. The app allows you to either type or record notes, as well as take and pin photos which are then synced to Google servers for easy retrieval on any other device.

Google Keep has a widget that allows you to create and access notes easily from the home screen. For devices running Android 4.2, a nifty lock screen widget is also included.

The app has a simple interface putting all the notes in a mosaic layout, as well as allowing colour customization for individual notes, and drag-and-drop rearrangement for better organization.

Source : TechCrunch

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